Cut your taxes.  Protect YOUR data.

Taxes are complicated. 
It's hard to figure out the tax rules.
It's a hassle to keep track of the paperwork.
It's easy to make mistakes. 
Mistakes can be costly.
If you don't report enough tax, you may end up paying interest, penalties and fees.
If you report too much tax, you are making payments that you do not need to make.
My1040 helps you cut your taxes.
My1040 teaches you a little bit about the tax rules.
My1040 helps you track your expenses.
My1040 organizes and saves your receipts.
My1040 can track all your expenses.
Miles for business, donations and health care
All personal expenses including donations, education, health care and dependent care
All business expenses of freelancers and microbusinesses
Anything else that you want to track


My1040 does not collect or access your data. Unlike other tracking apps, we are not building a database with your data. Your data is saved on your device and wherever else you choose to back it up. You and only you control your data.


No fees

No ads

Nothing to buy

No data monetization


Taxes are complicated, but My1040 is simple.

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